...AND a Happy New Year!

Esmée received her Haitian passport on November 29th which was the last item we needed to turn everything into the U.S. Embassy for I-600 approval. Our completed file with passport was turned in on December 4th. We have been waiting since to receive the following which just came today...the very last day of 2013!
Notice of I-600 approval - REAM, Delenda Georges
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ream,
USCIS in Port au Prince, Haiti is pleased to inform you that the I-600 petition, which you filed at this office on May 14, 2013 on behalf of Delenda Georges, seeking to qualify her as your immediate relative has been approved. Your case has been transferred to the Adoption Unit of the Consular Section for the visa process. This completes all action by USCIS on the referenced petition. The Consular Section will soon contact you to follow-up on your case.
Should you have any question regarding the visa process, you may send your inquiry to the consular section at papadoptions@state.gov.
Adoption Team
Department of Homeland Security
US Citizenship & Immigration Services
Embassy of the United States of America
Tabarre 41
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Thanks and praise be to our God, the Father of the fatherless for this amazing gift today!This particular approval is so meaningful to us, not only because of what it means for the future but because it was this particular document that was denied in 2012 and the reason we had to redo Esmée's entire adoption. So what does this approval mean? This means that in a few weeks Esmée will have a visa! It means that the end of our long journey is here! It means that all the prayers, tears, sweat, and ransom money paid have been worth it so that Esmée can always be with her family forever!
So get ready to FINALLYmeet our precious Esmée...
sometime in 2014!
I got my wish for a Merry Christmas...
AND a Happy New Year!



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