Goodbye MOI!

Things are happening fast now! Friday morning November 15th we received word that Esmée's file had been approved in MOI (Minister of Interior) after 18 days and was on it's way to the passport printing office! The translator has been working on translating our dossier from French into English in the mean time and those translations will be ready tomorrow! We are praying for our passport to be printed with no complications by the end of this week so we can submit everything to the Embassy for the visa process! Christmas in the states is still a big maybe but....MAYBE we should start looking at tickets??? We should have enough from our air miles and a state adoption refund we will receive after Esmée arrives stateside to get back to our home in Haiti but not enough for all of us to get to the states. We currently have a lot of needs for ministry and basic living expenses in Haiti so we have no idea how we would swing this extra travel expense right now. We believed our chances to be able to leave over the holidays would be very slim and figured we would just wait until our scheduled visit to the states this coming summer. We knew we would be able to hold Esmée's visa for 6 months. However, we have recently learned the travel papers needed to get on the plane expire after only one month. We have a very busy ministry schedule in January-March already and don't know how traveling to the states would be possible during that time. So if there is any way for us to be able to spend Christmas and New Years in the states with our family to accomplish Esmée's immigration and end this long 4 year chapter of our lives we are praying for provision that this will happen by the end of 2013. It would be the best Christmas present ever since the gift we received 2,000 years ago!

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