Dear Eric and Elisabeth,

Great news!  Delenda's file is out of Courts.  This is where the civil court document and Act of Adoption have been created.  This means that Delenda has legally become your child and taken your family name of REAM.  I have attached a scanned copy of your Act of Adoption. 
At this time, we will ask National Archives for an attestation signature for the Act of Adoption and then we will legalize the Haitian legal documents in both the Department of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE).  Then, we can apply for Delenda's passport in the Minister of Interior’s (MOI) office.  These stages will pass quickly...
We received this wonderful news today from our adoption coordinator! "Delenda" is our Esmee's legal name. She has now received our family name of REAM for a second time (having now gone through this process twice)! We don't know exactly what "these stages will pass quickly" will mean in the upcoming months...if that means that we could be visiting the states at Christmas or if it will be next spring or summer? We will cross that bridge when we get there. We are just so excited to announce this news and that we have sent our final adoption payment! Thank you to those who helped us to meet this financial need! The only things we have left to pay for are: $150 for Haitian passport, approx. $290 for mandatory visa medicals, approx. $230 for immigrant visa and then airfare to get to the states and back to Haiti. We have been saving up air miles for the joyful day we complete this process! If anyone out there has American Airline miles that you would like to donate please let us know!
Thank you so much for bearing with us over the past 43 months for our Much Loved girl! Lord willing just a few more months to go! Please pray for these stages to truly pass quickly and praise God with us that in His sovereign grace He has allowed her to be adopted...again!


  1. Yay! Glad it's official (again). Love that girl! So happy for your family.


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