Puzzle Pieces to Our Story

The Following Organizations Share a Big Part in our Adoption Story. 

Compassion International

Charis Orphan Care and Adoption Ministries

Hope for Orphans

Chosen Marathon for Adoption

We have sponsored a little girl from Ethiopia named Emawayish (yes another "E") through Compassion International for the past 10 years. Our son Ethan has always been drawn to her since her picture has been up since before he was born. He has asked why we cannot adopt Emawayish and we have explained that she has a family, but we help support her because her family is very poor. Ethan secretly called Emawayish his sister for awhile, and began praying for a sister a year prior to us beginning the adoption process. Friends at Charis Orphan Care and Adoption Ministries were contacted by Hope for Orphans to find families willing to adopt pre-earthquake children from Haiti after the earthquake through the hope of Humanitarian Parole. This is how we first learned of our girls. When Ethan saw (Elita) Marguerite's profile picture, he actually thought it was Emawayish. (They do share a resemblance and are around the same age.) He believed his prayers were answered and said that he would love to have an older sister, as long as he could still be the oldest boy in the family. We began our adoption journey with many financial hardships we did not originally know would come. Chosen Marathon for Adoption has been a support for us to help raise the needed adoption money, and also raise support and awareness for the millions of orphans like ours in need of forever families.